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Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus announces new statewide leadership team

Updated: Feb 18, 2020


September 5, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS – At an Annual Meeting held last month, the Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus (INLDC) elected a new leadership team charged with engaging Latino participation in the Indiana State Democratic Party and all aspects of the democratic process. Elise Shrock will step into the role as INLDC Caucus President, formerly held by George Hornedo.

“This is a crucial time for Latinx engagement in our democratic process,” said Shrock. “And I am ready to work with our party to ensure that Hoosier Latinxs and the communities they support know that we are the party that fights for their rights to make a living wage, access educational opportunities, and fully participate in the democratic process.”

Established in 2010, the INLDC was formed in the wake of shifting demographics within the state and key legislative districts. Following the 2010 census, Latino and Hispanic Hoosiers made up the single most expansive community in the state. With over 500k Latinos now living in Indiana, the group hopes to recruit Latino candidates, strengthen their voter registration initiatives, as well as increase their membership and fundraising base.

The mission of the INLDC is steeped in voter engagement and provides a voice to Latino Hoosiers within the Democratic Party’s organizational structure and beyond. The group has advocated for a number of federal and state policies like in-state tuition for undocumented Hoosiers, and cultural competency requirements for law enforcement officials, among other issues.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody underscored the importance of working with the Latino community as a part of the Party’s larger strategy.

“Our Party is organizing in all 92 counties and in communities across the state,” said Zody. “The Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus is a critical part of that process in 2020 and beyond.”

A full slate of candidates was approved at the INLDC meeting and affords Democratic Latino representation to every part of the state.

Officers and Congressional District Chairs are as listed:


Elise Shrock, President

Vincent Hernandez, Vice President

Lauren Alayza, Secretary

Aileen Ibarra, Treasurer

Claudia Fuentes, State Central Committee Representative

George Hornedo, State Central Committee Representative

Congressional District Chairs

1 Alfredo Estrada

1 Aileen Ibarra

2 Greg Chavez

2 Sandra McMasters

3 Jorge Fernandez

3 Maria Herrera Norman

4 Matt Parr

4 Yamir Gonzalez

5 Lauren Alayza

5 Nick Hornedo

6 Vincent Hernandez

6 Janette Ulloa

7 Joshua Lindo

7 Jessica Garcia

8 Theresa Ortega

8 Matthew Magruder

9 Nico Sigler

9 Sofia McDowell

At Large Adrian Santo

At Large Chris Roman

At Large Elise Shrock

For more information on the Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus, visit


Editor's note: Headshots for the attributed can be accessed below:

Contact: Chris Roman, (317) 625-1929

Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus

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