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Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus Responds to Domestic Terrorist Attacks on Capitol Hill

INDIANAPOLIS--The Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus (INLDC) issued the following statement on the domestic terrorist attacks that took place on Capitol Hill.

“On Wednesday, we witnessed a complete siege of the people’s house and despicable acts against our very own democracy. These acts were a culmination of the President’s continuous attempts to tarnish the credibility of the election results and delay constitutional processes deeply rooted in our history. These domestic attackers were guests invited to the Capitol by Indiana Senator Mike Braun, Representative Jackie Walorski, Representative Jim Banks and others.

In just one day, we learned how much damage these Indiana leaders have caused and the lack of respect shown to the people they swore to serve. This is a call to all Hoosier elected officials to not simply condemn the insurrection, but to work every day to dispute false information that shreds our democratic processes and to take measurable actions to address the white supremacy entrenched in our institutions.

We will be watching all Hoosier leaders and holding them accountable for what they say and for what they leave unsaid.

La lucha sigue. The fight for justice is not over.


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