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Our Leaders


Cynthia Morraz



Maria Dueñas Lopez

Vice President


Héctor Morales

Community Engagement


Pedro Caceras

Elections Vice Chair

Lexes Rubio headshot.jpg

Lexes Rubio

Data Chair

About: About

Congressional District Chairs

1 Alfredo Estrada

2 Greg Chavez

2 Noemi Ponce

3 Jorge Fernandez

3 Maria Herrera Norman

4 Keren Garza

5 Lauren Alayza

5 Nick Hornedo

6 Vincent Hernandez

6 Janette Ulloa

7 Joshua Lindo

7 Jessica Garcia

8 Theresa Ortega

9 Nico Sigler

9 Natalia Galvan

At Large Rep. Mike Andrade

At Large Chris Roman

At Large Claudia Fuentes

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