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Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus Responds to SCOTUS decision on DACA


June 18, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS--The Indiana Latino Democratic Caucus (INLDC) issued the following statement on the Supreme Court of the United States ruling against the Trump administration’s efforts to end protection from deportation for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

“This was simply the right thing to do. We are pleased to know the highest court in our land acknowledges the United State’s laws and policies already set forth to protect members of our community who are educated in our schools, contribute to our workforce, enrich our community culture, and pay taxes, from deportation and family separation.

“However, the days of awarding gold stars for baseline human decency have never and will never serve our community or bring us to full justice and equity.

“Until all Brown and Black people are free from the fear of being treated brutally at the hands of our government, whether in an ICE detention camp or from under the knee of a police officer, our joy is muted.

“We remain committed to our work of undoing the traumatic policies of the Trump Administration and dismantling the pre-existing systematic inequities woven into our institutions.

“La lucha sigue.”


INLDC is committed to broadening Latinx representation and voter engagement in our state and provides a voice to Latinx Hoosiers within the Democratic Party’s organizational structure and beyond. For more information visit

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